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Pamela Borland has been working in the insurance industry for twenty-one years.  Her insurance career started at Prudential Insurance in 1991 when she was hired as a secretary.  She was prommoted to a marketing assistant one year later and in 1994 became a licensed sales agent.  She left Prudential in 1996 and went to work at Sundance Insurance, an independent agency.  She really enjoyed being an independent agent because she had the ability to represent many companies instead of just one.  During her employment at Sundance, she specialized in both group and individual life and health insurance.  She left there at the end of 2004 and at the urging on many, she decided to continue what she did best which is how the agency came to be.

Ramona Camacho has been working in the insurance industry for twenty-nine years.  Her insurance career started at Corroon & Black in 1983 as a receptionist.  She became a licensed agent in 1988 and specialized in property and casualty insurance.  In 1991 she went to work at Sundance Insurance.  During her employment there she worked selling both personal and commercial line policies.  Ramona is bilingual and well known for her exceptionsl customer service skills.  In 2007 she joined Creative Insurance Solutions s the Personal and Commercial Lines manager.

Pam and Ramona have been working together for sixteen years and make an excellent team.